Krista + Aaron's Chipotle themed Vow Renewal

Krista + Aaron

A Midwest Destination Vow Renewal


Krista + Aaron are shy and sweet and they’d lived a little life together by the time we met them.

After raising two boys and having been married four years prior, they reached out, eager to re-write their vows to one another in the most intimate of settings.

We found the Co-Op Settlement in the heart of the backroads of Missouri. Lacy was an amazing host and generously shared her home with us: an old shipping container, turned airbnb/outdoor wedding venue. The views that accompany this place are simply unreal and we challenge anyone who says the midwest isn’t picturesque to come visit Pleasant Hope.

And that beautiful, wildflower boho bouquet? That is the work of Cassie, founder of The Ozark Mountain Flower Truck. She graciously joined us on-site and painstakingly wove all the flowers into the vintage baby-gate that we used for the ceremony arch.

You can’t tell, but it was balls hot that day. So our hat goes off to Star, for somehow managing to keep Krista’s hair and makeup looking fresh to the very end.

Rachel Johnson Calligraphy Co. has the most sincere heart and the greatest knack for creating incredible hand-lettered calligraphy. Huge thanks to this friend for sending such a sweet vow book for this couple to treasure forever.

We honestly believe your wedding day shouldn’t be anything other than your favorite meal shared with your favorite people on your favorite day. For Krista and Aaron, that meant Chipotle and chocolate chip cookies.

And finally - Kristi and Nathan from Made to be Mine Photography are such talented individuals and quite frankly, artists, at what they do. Thanks a million, you guys.

  1. Disclaimer: Jenna stole that Tabasco sauce from the Chipotle restaurant she bought the tacos from.

    (I needed to confess to someone and the very bottom of a public blog post seemed like just the right place.)

  2. Second disclaimer: That is not this couple’s dog. We actually do not know where he came from, but that stream of photos is proof that doing things that feel natural, give way to photos that look natural. If you’re nervous about being in front of a camera…relax. Drink a little wine. Pet a little dog. It’s all good.


Styling/Design : He & She Wedding Curators

Photography : Made to Be Mine Photography

Venue : The Co-Op Stewart Settlement

Floral : The Ozark Mountain Flower Truck

HMUA : Star

Vow Book : RJ Calligraphy Co.

Unofficial caterer: Chipotle