It was an absolute honor for us to feature Sarah Seven's launch of their newest line of gowns. Sarah Seven is such an incredible designer and we couldn't believe that her unreleased gowns were the subject of our humble, little photo shoots. 

When we found out that the brand had based their new line with a specific poem in mind, we knew we wanted to echo that in the details of the shoot.

So, with two weeks to go, we set out to find ourselves a ruby ring, an historical mansion, a fur coat, and a diamond tiara. It wasn't easy and I think we both gave ourselves an ulcer, but hey- these pictures were worth it.

 One of our favorite factors about this particular shoot is that almost all of our vendors were brand new to the business. With such a short timeline, we watched everyone catch fire with inspiration and really pull together to make this happen. We are so proud of this team and the creativity that we saw displayed. 

The Luxurious Life of Abigail Sterling

The Luxurious Life of Abigail Sterling,

is not one most people know.

She waltzed through life on an elegant stage,

and had each day tied up in a bow

Orphaned at a young age

when her parents died at sea,

she was raised by her butlers

and the women who came to tea.

An heiress to millions

and a business that ran itself,

she collected exotic animals,

and decorated every shelf.

Her ostriches wore diamonds,

and her treehouses were Dior.

She wore tiaras to breakfast

and cried when she was bored.

The older she got

the more her tastes became refined,

Imported silks from India,

and only the finest wines.


She wore kimonos to the mailbox,

and ballgowns to play croquet,

Gold lace for her night caps

And feathered hats to eat souffle.


She wore pearls to the dentist

and rubies to shovel snow,

Gave down pillows to her parakeets,

Why? We'll never know.

She was clever, smart, and witty,

extravagant and well-liked.

Her dinners went on for hours,

and her punch was always spiked.


And though her life was luxurious,

she wanted something more.

Things are great, but friendship is better,

so she opened up her door.

Her closets overflowed,

filling five rooms and twenty chests.

So she decided to share all of it,

with any admiring guest.


Word traveled far and wide,

across the sea and through the town.

Abigail Sterling was sharing her luxury,

her diamonds, furs, and gowns.


They came from far and wide,

the line went around the block.

Abigail greeted everyone

and presented them with a frock.


The town appeared suddenly different:

dramatic, elegant and free.

Everyone looked like royalty,

and it filled Abigail with glee.

Her treasures were spread around,

and her house had more space.

But her heart was full of joy

because the world was a more beautiful place.


Stylists: He & She

Photography: Made to Be Mine

Gown: Sarah Seven

Venue: Duncan Manor 

Model: Kaitlyn Gastman

Floral: Lulas's Floral

Jewelry: Hawkhouse

Tiara: Porcelain Moonstar

Stationary: Rachel Johnson Calligraphy Co.

Paper: Farmette Press

Hair: Ashlyn Bozarth

Makeup: Amy Roth

Accessories: BHLDN

Treats: Ivy Lane Bakery