him + me


We are Collin and Jenna, the him and her behind He & She. Husband and wife, whiskey and wine drinkers, and best friends living in the Midwest and dreaming of adventures to come.


Romance doesn’t always look like spontaneous dancing in dimly lit rooms. That probably happens to some people - sometimes.

For us,

romance looks a lot more like splurging on almond milk and buying cheese from the fancy part of the store, scratching each other’s backs until we both fall asleep, vowing to ask more intentional questions than “How was your day?”, aiming to love selflessly as Christ loves His bride, and trying our best not to let the other get fat.

But as it turns out, spontaneous dancing in dimly lit rooms is a whole lot easier to capture on camera.

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We started this business because we love being in any place where creativity meets community.

We like life just as it naturally is. You won't hear us promising to create anything perfect, because perfection isn't real.

Real is ugly tears and dirty hems of dresses. Real is slightly cold pizza and awkward, sweaty dance moves. Real is using a piece of string in the place of a wedding band because yours is stuck in customs, somewhere in Australia. Real is forever friends traveling 8 hours in a snow storm to cry and laugh and celebrate next to you. 

We rather like the messy bits, because in the midst of them, there is a whole lot of beauty to be found.

We believe

in raw, unmanufactured moments, in natural, simple beauty, and in enjoying rich community along the way.

That's our style and we won't convince you to like it. They say your vibe attracts your tribe, and if that's true, then we're confident you'll end up where you need to be. 


This is us

in our little home that we love. The details in our tiny one-bedroom describe us just as we are. Let us do the same for you in curating your wedding. 

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